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Solarium / washing station

Washing station

WIKO produces special washing station constructions for horse washing and care. A complete washing station consists of a partition wall, washing station poles and drainage mats on the floor. The drainage mats are there to absorb the water and allow it to run off, instead of pooling in the washing station itself. Of course, it is also possible to order individual washing station components from us.


You can also order a Solarium from us that is perfectly tailored to your stable. With its modular design, the Solarium offers myriad possibilities. All models can be connected to each other, so you can create your own design. You can always purchase additional components later to easily expand your Solarium. One unique aspect of our Solarium is its dryer function. The electronic stepless controls allow you to set the perfect temperature for the hot air yourself. With a combination of lamps, special conic plastic rings around the lamps and ventilators, our Solarium is 25% more effective than any other model.

Uv lamps

You can install UV lamps, which are commonly used by horse breeders and stallion owners. These lamps are used at the start of the year to make mares believe spring has come. The UV light stimulates the hypophysis in the mare’s brain, which releases hormones that stimulate ovulation. You can also use the UV light when there is not enough daylight to prevent skin conditions such as fungi and rain rot.


The Solariums that WIKO builds meet the latest CE guidelines and all other common worldwide standards. At your request, we can deliver the Solariums with a control box that you can mount on the wall.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a WIKO solarium or washing station? Contact us by filling out the form on this page, send an email to info@wikobox.nl or call us at 0348-401479.

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